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Modern FPS Repetition

Drop it like its hot.With the recent release of Black Ops an obvious question finally occurred to me:"How many more Call of Duties, Battlefields and Medal of Honors does it take before publishers and developers will make a push for something new?" Am I the only one who has started to become really irritated by the endless milking of the current generation or trend of FPS games?

When Call of Duty Modern Warfare was first released it was innovative, exciting and fresh. It took a huge leap ahead of the old generation of games and was the first game to effectively implement the perk system and many other advances in modern FPS game-play. Almost instantly everyone tried to ride the new wave of first person shooters.

Right now, after a couple of years, it would appear as if Infinity Ward, Treyarch and DICE are going the same path as the developers of Rock Band or Guitar Hero; beating a dead horse. And, no, the idiom doesn’t mean that the genre is dead, far from it. It merely means that the content and range of innovation of this line of games is already decided and won’t knock anyone out of their socks. It. Is. Getting. Old. It is starting to smell like sweaty socks - the ones even my dog won’t approach. Eww!

Nobody has to re-invent the wheel to freshen the air, here. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, despite not being too innovative on the storyline front, at least made an effort to introduce a new, risky, yet exciting form of multi player mode which nobody saw coming.

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

It would be nice if we could have some new innovation on the FPS front, too.