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Butthurt Gamers and Review Scores

Boo hoo.

About butthurt gamers that throw a fit if their game of choice doesn’t get a perfect 10/10 in reviews: When people are invested in a game, they often feel a need to justify and defend their decision to buy that game. Anything other than a 10/10 would cast a slight shadow of doubt on their choice to buy the game.

Even if they didn’t purchase the game yet, other factors may replace the monetary investment. It could be accumulated skill they have acquired over time in a series of previous games. It could simply be brand loyalty and a related emotional investment.

It makes them incapable of unbiased appreciation of the game. A 7/10 rating on a game is like a personal attack because it questions the investment they have in the game. Even if the scoring system clearly explains that 7/10 is a good score, it is still 3 points short of perfect. When money is on the line, “less than perfect” is not a good investment.

I keep seeing gaming sites constantly explain to distraught fans why a specific game got a 7/10 instead of a 10/10++++++++ with cherries on top. Nobody really cares about the reviewer’s methodology, reasoning and professional appraisal of a game. All they want is for someone to tell them “Yes, you spent those 60$ the best way possible.”